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Highways and Roads

Highways and RoadsTwo interstate highways cross South Dakota. Interstate 90 runs east-west (Sioux Falls-Mitchell-Rapid City-Spearfish) and Interstate 29 runs north-south through the eastern part of the state (North Dakota border-Brookings-Sioux Falls-North Sioux City).

Travelers are also encouraged to get "off the beaten path" and explore other routes. Some of which are the scenic byways found throughout the state.

Maps and Routes

For online mapping options including a viewable state map as well as interactive driving directions and location maps, visit the Maps page.

To request a state highway map and/or other guides and brochures, complete and submit the form on the Request Information page.

Road Conditions

Find out about current road conditions, including closures and construction, from the South Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT). While traveling, dial 511 from any phone to receive up-to-date, location-specifc road restriction, condition and weather information on any interstate, US, or state highway in South Dakota and several adjoining states. You can also call 866-MYSD511 (866-697-3511).

Online, visit the following DOT links for information:511 Logo

511 Safe Travel USA - Interactive Road Condition/Construction Map (Safe Travel USA)

Major Construction Projects (DOT)

Temporary Route Restrictions ( - DOT)

Information Centers and Rest Areas

There are 13 information centers and eight rest areas along Interstates 90 and 29. The Information Centers are staffed during the main travel months (mid-May through mid-September) and offer brochures and maps as well as in-person travel information. The rest areas offer minimal services including restrooms and pay phones. Both the information centers and the rest areas include dump stations for RVs and campers. The South Dakota Department of Transportation offers an even more detailed location map (DOT) which also includes ports of entry.

Car Rentals and Public Transportation

Most major car rental companies operate in South Dakota, along with a number of local providers. The majority of these services are co-located with the six airports. For a listing of car rental options, visit the Travel Directory or the Trip Planner.

Jefferson Lines provides regularly scheduled inter-city bus (motorcoach) service within South Dakota between 24 cities and towns. South Dakota's two largest communities, Sioux Falls and Rapid City, both provide urban transit systems. Sioux Falls Transit offers 13 fixed routes serving most areas of the city. Rapid Ride offers five fixed routes running throughout Rapid City. More than 20 other communities offer public transit services. These can be found in the Travel Directory or the Interactive Trip Planner, as well as in the South Dakota Department of Transportation's Public Transit (PDF) brochure.

A unique transportation service available in several South Dakota communities is a trolley. Limited-route services are offered in Rapid City, Sioux Falls and Deadwood.

Other transportation services such as tours and taxis can be found in the Travel Directory or the Trip Planner, or by visiting the Web sites of the cities or areas you are traveling to.