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Garretson Commercial Club

Garretson, SD

Welcome to Garretson, SD. You'll find nature at its finest only 20 minutes northeast of Sioux Falls just north of I-90. Explore red quartzite pinnacles and chasms along Split Rock River in three Garretson parks. Back road scenery, geology, history of prairie pioneers and legendary bandits Jesse and Frank James are waiting for you to discover in Garretson.

At Devil's Gulch, stand on the footbridge spanning the chasm that Jesse James jumped over during a pursuit. Enjoy quartzite rock formations at Palisades State Park and Split Rock Park. You can camp, fish, hike and picnic at both facilities.

Garretson is a busy community that has many events throughout the year for families to enjoy. We are particularly well known for the way we celebrate the Christmas season. The first Saturday in December is the annual "Old Fashioned Christmas" in Garretson, which is our kickoff for the holiday season. Please check our community calendar for more information of this event and other family activities.

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705 Main Street
Garretson, SD 57030





Phone: 605-594-3411

Reservations: 605-594-6721


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