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Eureka Community Development Company

Eureka, SD

City government office.
Eureka is located in north central South Dakota, and has a population of 1,101.
Eureka has a beautiful lake and park area which are used for recreation, fishing, swimming, camping, and boating.

Eureka has numerous sporting opportunities including a 9-hole golf course, softball and baseball fields, a tennis court, a basketball court, a football field, and an all weather track complex that is open to the public for exercising purposes.

Eureka has many hunting opportunities and has a hunting range just outside of town.

This business is located here:

Northeast Region

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Po Box 134, 1705 J Avenue
Eureka, SD 57437





Phone: 605-284-2130

Fax: 605-284-5329

Toll Free: 800-387-3527


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