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Tyndall Chamber of Commerce

Tyndall, SD

When South Dakota was officially organized as a territory by Congress in March 1861, the site of Tyndall was just part of the great rolling prairie. As a town it came into being when the railroad came through the county. The first building was the depot and the first freight shipment was a box of rabbits, weight 100 pounds, shipped by Alois Zienert to Portage, Wisc. M.E. Talcott, agent for the Milwaukee railway, issued the receipt which was dated Dec. 9,1879.

However, previous to that time, Dan Currier, a pioneer of imagination, had moved into the vicinity at the first signs of the building of the railroad, and built his home and store on the very spot where he thought the railroad ties would be placed, four miles west of Tyndall on Emmanuel Creek. But the railroad missed Danbury when it came through so Mr. Currier put his buildings on wheels, and moved them to the railroad. He then proceeded to survey and plat the town site, located near the geographical center of the county at the junction of the Running Water and Charles Mix County branch.

Tyndall received its name from Oregon Richmond, the son of an early settler of Bon Homme. Oregon, had studied to be a scientist and physician, and as a result of that study named the new town after John Tyndall, the British scientist, who had toured the U.S. in 1872. There is no other town in the United States with the same name.

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Southeast Region

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PO Box 305
Tyndall, SD 57066





Phone: 605-589-4050

Fax: 605-589-3481


Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau

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