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Custer Area Chamber of Commerce

Custer, SD

Whether you are coming to Custer for a visit or intend to make this your permanent residence,
we are glad you discovered one of the region's best-kept secrets. If you have chosen Custer as a vacation destination, you have picked an ideal headquarters for your southern Black Hills adventure.

This business is located here:

Western Region

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615 Washington Street
PO Box 5018
Custer, SD 577305018





Phone: 605-673-2244

Fax: 605-673-3726

Toll Free: 800-992-9818


Chamber of Commerce, Visitors Bureau

Property Amenities

Group Friendly

Lean Horse 100 Ultra-Marathon

New Marathon in the Black Hills.
Aug 23, 2014

Calamity Peak Cowboy Gathering

Special musical gathering at Broken Arrow Campground near Custer.
Aug 29 - 30, 2014

Studebaker Car Show--Custer

Studebakers and Vintage Car Show.
Aug 31, 2014

Mickelson Trail Trek--Begins in Custer

Special run along the Mickelson Trail, beginning in Custer.
Sep 20 - 22, 2014

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