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2 Nation ToursWe invite you to discover eight delightful tours, outlined below. From the rural solitude of starry nights to the contrasting excitement of bright lights, there is truly something for everyone in the states of South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and the province of Manitoba.

Roam the prairies and share in the expeditions of Lewis and Clark. Experience the adventures of the pioneers, fur traders and the aboriginal peoples. Explore national parks and forests, winding rivers and the many lakes that dapple the countryside.

From this heritage grows the kindred spirit of the neighboring countries of Canada and the United States. Whether shopping, dining or taking in some of the artistic and cultural attractions, your clients will be enriched by the diversity of these two nations.

Enjoy the warm hospitality and friendly people of the heartland regions.

Signature Tour - City Nights and Northern Lights

Travel to one of the most diverse and unspoiled destinations on the North American continent. This is indeed a region of contrast. The northern lights still appear in the night skies in remote areas, while the cities offer a wealth of entertainment and shopping temptations. This region celebrates its ethnic diversity with festivals and activities year-round featuring everything from Native American to European traditions. Experience the vastness and the variety.

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Lewis and Clark's Great Adventure

In 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out at the behest of President Thomas Jefferson to explore the massive new Louisiana Territory that had just doubled the size of the United States. Now you can, too.

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Spirit of the Frontier

The rich traditions of the Native Americans, the adventures of the "voyageur" fur traders, the perseverance of the early pioneers, the faith of the early missionaries, and he ethnic heritage of the immigrants who came across the sea. Come and experience their rich legacy.

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Wine and Roses

Gardening and wine connoisseurs are in for a treat as we explore the region's beautiful gardens and wineries. Enjoy this delight for the senses.

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A Cultural Casserole

Follow the European immigration to the North American heartland. Bask in their triumphs, witness their accomplishments and be amazed at the hardships they overcame as they tamed the wilderness. Groups from all areas of Europe traveled to the region, and each remains an integral part of the culture and history of the area today. Take in our version of the great melting pot.

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Native Legends and Lore

The First Nations people of Canada and the Dakota and Ojibwe tribes in the U.S. founded their nations on a profound respect for the natural world and, as nomadic hunters, followed the herds and a seasonal cycle of fishing, hunting and food gathering. Retrace the history and experience the culture.

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You Betcha: Winning Casinos

While for most people playing games like blackjack, slots and bingo is the main focus of enjoyment for going to a casino, for many people it's the extras, or amenities found in the surroundings that contribute to the fun of a casino visit. Either way, this tour is a winner.

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The Great Wild North

Nature and animals are the stars in this tour. Whether in an urban or wilderness setting, visitors get an up-close and personal look at wildlife while learning about their behavior and changing habitat. Explore our side of the wild.

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