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Small Game Hunting

Partridge Hunting

Traditional Season

Central and western areas: mid-September to mid-December.
Extreme eastern areas: mid-October to mid-December.

Range and Habitat

Populations of gray or Hungarian partridge can be found in nearly every county of the state. They are especially abundant in the eastern farmlands and pastures. Gray partridge prefer brushy areas adjacent to crop lands and mowed pastures.

More information about partridge hunting. (GFP)

Partridge Hunting Tips

  • Combine your hunts.
    Combine gray partridge hunting with pheasant and grouse hunting trips since these seasons overlap. 
  • Track the flight.
    Keep track of a covey's flight after flushing. It is often possible to track down the covey for another flush. 
  • Single-bird target.
    Pick one bird as your target during a covey flush. Flustered hunters often "flock shoot" and miss entirely. 
  • Use a dog.
    Wide-ranging pointing dogs help in locating coveys of partridge across large pastures and grasslands.