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Small Game Hunting

Dove Hunting

ph_main_SmallGame.jpgTraditional Season

Statewide: September to mid-October.

Range and Habitat

Doves can be found statewide with migrants from the north also supplementing our population. Doves prefer perching areas with dead limbs overlooking feeding or watering areas. For feeding, they prefer corn, sunflowers, millet, oats or wheat, especially after the fields have been harvested.

More information about dove hunting. (GFP)

Dove Hunting Tips

  • Scout first.
    Scout areas that contain all the needed elements for a dove's lifestyle: water, food, grit and perching sites. 
  • Target feeding time.
    Doves usually feed twice a day: in the morning and evening. Pass shooting along established flight paths can be effective. 
  • Bring storage.
    Carry along a cooler with ice while dove hunting to avoid meat spoilage in warm weather. 
  • Chokes and shot.
    Use a modified choke with shot sizes ranging from #7-1/2 to #8.