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Big Game Hunting

Antelope Hunting

antelope.jpgTraditional Season

Firearm: Early October.
Archery: Mid-August through October (closed when firearm season is open).

Range and Habitat

Antelope can be hunted throughout most of western South Dakota. The majority of the antelope population resides in the northwest corner of South Dakota. Antelope prefer sagebrush-covered country along with native prairie pastures. A limited number of firearm licenses are available to non-residents on a lottery basis and may not be allotted if populations are low. Archery antelope licenses are unlimited.

More information about antelope hunting. (GFP)
More information about antelope hunting (archery). (GFP)

Antelope Hunting Tips

  • Hide your approach, stay downwind.
    Keep out of sight when stalking antelope. Antelope are easy to stalk if you use hills to hide your approach and stalk downwind towards them. 
  • Decoys.
    Decoying antelope for close archery shots works well during the September rut. Pioneered in South Dakota, the use of an immature buck decoy lures a mature buck away from the herd to chase the intruder off. 
  • Use a steady rest.
    Use a steady rest when shooting antelope with a rifle. Shooting sticks, an attachable bipod or even a backpack can offer a sturdy rest for a successful shot.
  • Fence crossings.
    Antelope are reluctant to jump fences and, instead, crawl under them when possible. Look for holes or downed fence where antelope consistently cross.