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Geocaching in South Dakota

Geocaching"National Treasure" movie enthusiasts aren't the only people who enjoy a good treasure hunt in South Dakota. Geocaching fans are flocking to the state.

Geocachers love the variation in landscape, as well as the wide open spaces that South Dakota provides.

GPS Treasure Hunt

Geocaching (pronounced "geo-cashing") is an outdoor treasure hunt using hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) units. The geocachers hide and seek "treasures," which are found in waterproof containers and typically include a pencil, small notebook to serve as a logbook for finders and several trinkets like key chains, small toys and buttons.

Diverse Landscapes

South Dakota has wooded areas, rolling plains and the diversity of the Black Hills to increase the degree of difficulty in the hunt. Because of the change in landscapes across South Dakota, geocachers can experience different levels of adventure, all within the borders of one state. Geocaching is popular all across the state, particularly in South Dakota's State Parks.