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Fishing in South Dakota

General Information

FishingAccommodations and Services

Most South Dakota communities offer motels, campgrounds and bed and breakfast housing at reasonable rates. Reservations are typically unnecessary. Request a free South Dakota Vacation Guide from the Department of Tourism for a listing of accommodations, or visit the Trip Planner. If you have already requested a South Dakota Fishing and Hunting packet, a South Dakota Vacation Guide and highway map are automatically sent with it.

While online, you can search our Travel Directory for specific lodges, guides and sporting goods stores.


Public Fishing Waters

South Dakota is home to some of the finest fishing waters in North America. Nearly 30 species of fish provide anglers a variety of fishing adventures throughout South Dakota. The Department of Game, Fish & Parks produces a guide to help anglers find these fishing waters.

South Dakota Public Fishing Waters (PDF) (GFP)


If you are a boat owner and plan to use yours for fishing or other pleasure purposes, there are a number of recommendations and regulations you should be aware of. Be sure to educate yourself before hitting the water.

South Dakota Boating regulations (GFP)
Online Handbook of South Dakota Boating Laws and Responsibilities (GFP)
South Dakota Cooperative Boat Wash Program (GFP)
South Dakota Boat Titling and Registration (DOR)

Fishing on Indian Reservations

South Dakota's Indian Reservations hold a wealth of hunting and fishing opportunities. State licenses are not valid on Indian trust lands, unless authorized by tribal councils. Please contact each individual tribe for specific licensing information.

Indian Reservation Contact Information
Tribe Phone Fax
Cheyenne River (605) 964-4155 (605) 964-4151
Crow Creek  (605) 245-2221 (605) 245-2470
Flandreau Santee (605) 997-3512 (605) 997-3878
Lower Brule (605) 473-5561 (605) 473-5554
Pine Ridge (605) 867-5821 (605) 867-1449
Rosebud  (605) 747-2381 (605) 747-2905
Sisseton-Wahpeton (605) 698-3911 (605) 698-3708
Standing Rock (701) 854-8500 ext. 186 (701) 854-7299
Yankton  (605) 384-3641 (605) 384-5687


Other Information and Links

The Department of Game, Fish & Parks provides a lot of information for successful fishing in South Dakota. To see answers to frequently asked questions, more details about common fish species, catch and release policies, turning in poachers, and more, visit these links:

Common Fishes of South Dakota (GFP)
South Dakota Fish Consumption Advisories (GFP)
Disability Information for Hunting and Fishing (GFP)
South Dakota Turn In Poachers (GFP)
South Dakota Fishing Tournaments (GFP)