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Fall Foliage in South Dakota

FallFoliage.jpgWhat gorgeousness, what blazonry, what pomp of colors bursts upon the ravished sight," wrote poet and journalist William Davis Gallagher in "Autumn in the West."

The summer's earthy shades of green are passively making room for autumn's carnival of color as South Dakota soon bursts with vivid brilliance; fiery crimson, golden mandarin, burgundy, and deep forest green.

Landscapes Alive with Color

One of the greatest shows in the natural world occurs during the annual autumn spectacle of color-drenched landscapes when the air turns crisp and the days get shorter. Whether it's a spectacular walk under an umbrella of aspen trees in the Black Hills, or viewing brilliant oak, elm and ash at Sica Hollow, South Dakota offers landscapes alive with color.

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Here are links to information about some specific locations around the state:

George S. Mickelson Trail (western South Dakota) – phone: 605-584-3896

Lewis & Clark Recreation Area (southeastern South Dakota) – phone: 605-668-2985

Newton Hills State Park (southeastern South Dakota) – phone: 605-987-2263

Nicollet Tower (northeastern South Dakota) – phone: 605-698-7621

Sica Hollow State Park (northeastern South Dakota) – phone: 605-448-5701

Spearfish Canyon (western South Dakota)
Spearfish Canyon Foundation –
Visit Spearfish –

West Whitlock Recreation Area (central South Dakota) – phone: 605-765-9410