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Native AmericanToday more than 62,000 Native Americans live in South Dakota and the rich Dakota, Lakota and Nakota culture is prominent.

Visitors can experience this vibrant culture through a visit to a Native American community, paintings, artifacts, music, fashion, jewelry, architecture, beadwork, pottery and more. Perhaps the most adventurous opportunities lie in experiencing a powwow, or "wacipi", held by almost every Native American community during the summer months.

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"Wild Horse Cafe" Opens at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary


Wounded Knee Memorial Motorcycle Run

The Annual Wounded Knee Memorial Motorcycle Run will be held Friday and Saturday, Aug. 5-6, 2011. This event, which follows the Trail of Chief Big Foot, begins at Fort Yates, ND, continues to Eagle Butte, SD and ends at Wounded Knee, SD.


South Dakota's Great Places: Native American Scenic Byway

Among the countless beautiful drives in South Dakota, one stands out as a unique opportunity for travelers. The Native American Scenic Byway is one of South Dakota's Great Places.


2nd Annual Mother’s Day Powwow


Crazy Horse Celebrates 20 Years of Reconciliation

Crazy Horse Memorial will celebrate Native American Day with its 20th annual celebration on Monday, Oct. 12, starting at 10:00 a.m. MDT. Traditional hoop dancers, Native American artists, an educational program, a blast on the mountain and more will all be a part of the event.


Paul LaRoche of Brulé premieres New TV Show on RFD-TV

The contemporary Native American music family, Brulé, is proud to announce the premier of their new television program, "Hidden Heritage", on RFD-TV, Rural America’s Most Important Network.


The Native American Story

As Native American history grows and continues to capture the interest of travelers around the world, the South Dakota Native American experience provides some of the best travel opportunities and destinations in the world.


Marks of HIstory: Crazy Horse Mountain

On June 3, 1948, sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski and Chief Henry Standing Bear decided to make their dream of carving a memorial to Crazy Horse a reality. This historic marker, located at the entrance of the memorial on Highway 16, describes why Lakota Chief Crazy Horse was chosen as the model/subject


Contemporary Native American art on display at museum

The South Dakota Art Museum announces that a new exhibition titled, “Contemporary Native American Art,” will be displayed through August 30.


Bear Butte: A Sacred Site Worth Visiting

Located just outside of the legendary Sturgis on S.D. Highway 79 sits a formation jutting from the rolling prairie.

Crazy Horse Memorial: Cultural History

What most people would see as a large rock on the top of Thunderhead Mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Korczak Ziółkowski saw as an opportunity: an opportunity to show the world that, in the words of Lakota Chief Henry Standing Bear, “the red man has heroes, also.”

Shannon County: Distinct History

Shannon County, located along the state’s southern border, has the highest Native American population of any county in the United States.