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Culture & CuisineDiscover a state where the culture is as diverse as the landscape.

South Dakota's visitors can explore the fine arts at the Redlin Art Center, taste South Dakota wine at our wineries, explore the past at our historical museums, enjoy a variety of ethnic and fine dining opportunities, and listen to classical, rock or jazz and blues at music festivals.

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Brookings Launches Creative Week

Brookings launches creative week - September 27 through Ocotober 4. It will be a week long festival celebrating South Dakota creativity. 


Gandy Dancer IPA Craft Beer Features Local Hops & Yeast

Gandy Dancer Brew Works is excited to annouce the release of "Last Call Double IPA" on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at Monk's House of Ale Repute.


Spectacular Season Starting June 6th at the Black Hills Playhouse


Beginning on Thursday, June 6th the Black Hills Playhouse starts playing to audiences as the 2013 Season begins!   New and returning theatre professionals from across the country are set to wow audiences with incredible wit, passion, and talent for the 68th season in Custer State Park. 


South Dakota’s Great Places: Black Hills Playhouse

Heading into the “backwoods” doesn’t usually involve high quality theater productions performed by professional actors and artists; but at the Black Hills Playhouse, that is exactly what theater-goers discover. 


Crazy Horse Celebrates 20 Years of Reconciliation

Crazy Horse Memorial will celebrate Native American Day with its 20th annual celebration on Monday, Oct. 12, starting at 10:00 a.m. MDT. Traditional hoop dancers, Native American artists, an educational program, a blast on the mountain and more will all be a part of the event.


Mount Rushmore Black Hills Gold: History in the Making

After venturing into the Black Hills in search of gold, French goldsmith Henri LeBeau became hopelessly lost. Almost dying of starvation, LeBeau came across wild grapes that saved his life. In honor of the lifesaving grapes, he designed what he called the "good luck" jewelry.

The Native American Story

As Native American history grows and continues to capture the interest of travelers around the world, the South Dakota Native American experience provides some of the best travel opportunities and destinations in the world.


Marks of HIstory: Crazy Horse Mountain

On June 3, 1948, sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski and Chief Henry Standing Bear decided to make their dream of carving a memorial to Crazy Horse a reality. This historic marker, located at the entrance of the memorial on Highway 16, describes why Lakota Chief Crazy Horse was chosen as the model/subject


More Than a Chapel in the Hills

In a quiet Rapid City residential area, visitors will find a chapel not quite like the others in town.

South Dakota on the Big Screen and Small Screen

“South Dakota turned out to be a producer’s dream, with its amazing natural and iconic man-made landmarks…And there’s one thing for certain…South Dakota looks absolutely fantastic on film!” said Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of National Treasure: Book of Secrets.


Czech Days

Tabor showcases its heritage in one of the longest-running Czech festivals in the United States.

South Dakota's State Dessert

The idea to name kuchen the South Dakota State Dessert began in Eureka, SD. Now that kuchen has received that designation, it’s natural that everyone wants to sample authentic Eureka kuchen.

Taking Art Outdoors

Sioux Falls is quickly becoming famous for a unique outdoor gallery lining its streets. SculptureWalk, an exciting venture for the community, is an exhibit of one-of-a-kind outdoor sculptures displayed year-round from the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science to Falls Park.