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Press Releases

There is always something happening in South Dakota. From our family-friendly festivals to our hot, must-see events across the state, you can find all the news you need right here.

Tourism News Releases

Want the latest scoop on what's happening across South Dakota? You've come to the right place. If you would like more information or need help setting up a story, please call us at 1-800-952-3625 or e-mail us at

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South Dakota's Great Places

South Dakota has a infinite number of "Great Places" throughout the state. This weekly press release series will highlight places that make South Dakota a unique destination. Each week readers will find a new place in South Dakota to discover including small towns and their festivals, unique museums, wine trails, routes across South Dakota and legendary attractions.

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South Dakota's Great Faces

South Dakota has been and is home to a variety of influential people who have had a tremendous impact on the state. This weekly series focuses on the people who have shaped South Dakota by highlighting many of those who have left their mark. Each week brings a new story of one of the Great Faces of South Dakota.

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Marks of History

South Dakota has a rich history all its own, and we want to share it with state residents and visitors through the Marks of History series. This weekly series focuses on the history that has shaped South Dakota by highlighting many of the historical markers across the state. Each week brings a new marker, story and region of South Dakota.

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Industry News Releases

The South Dakota visitor industry encompasses a wide variety of attractions, hospitality establishments and historical places. In this section you'll find the latest offerings and news from our industry partners.

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Series Archive

The Office of Tourism's press release series, including In Your Own Backyard and Uniquely South Dakota, continue to be great resources of information and story ideas. While the releases may become dated, the majority of their content is timeless. This archive allows you to search current and previous series for varied and unique details about South Dakota.

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