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South Dakota Governor Daugaard Welcomes Visitors

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Supplement material to the following release issued on June 3, 2011.

South Dakota's Governor Dennis Daugaard made a video announcement that despite flooding in the Pierre/Fort Pierre and Dakota Dunes areas, the state is ready and welcoming visitors. Fishing and boating are as good on the river as they have every been, and hundreds of public and private campsites are available.

Visitors who have questions about what's happening along the Missouri River can be directed to the Department of Tourism , the Department of Game, Fish and Parks website, and the Diaster Recovery Effort maintained by the State of South Dakota.


PIERRE, S.D. – Despite the flooding crisis facing the Pierre/Fort Pierre and Dakota Dunes areas, today South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard said the rest of the state is in great shape to welcome visitors who are making South Dakota their family vacation destination.


“In no way do I want to minimize the impact of the flooding in the Pierre/Fort Pierre and Dakota Dunes areas,” Governor Daugaard said.  “We are facing a significant challenge with flooding along the Missouri River in these areas.  But we have had inquiries from folks wondering if it is okay to continue with their vacation plans to South Dakota, and my answer to them is, ‘Absolutely’!  Our major highways and interstates are not affected by the controlled flooding, and the rest of the state is open for tourism business.


Fishing and boating is as good on the river and on our lakes as it has been and hundreds of campsites are available.  I would encourage visitors who have questions about any vacation plans along the