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Horizon community-building project offers new Horizons "passport" program

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The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service invites South Dakotans to fill their Horizons project passports this summer. 

The Horizons project passport is a new program where individuals or families receive stamps, much like a traditional passport, from each of the Horizons communities they visit over the next two and one-half years. 

The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service is responsible for the implementation of the Horizons project, a community leadership program designed for small, rural towns. Aimed at reducing poverty, Horizons has empowered local citizens to make changes so that life may be better for all community members. 

Martha Landes, one of the project's community coaches, said the new passport program is a way for individuals and families to enjoy the summer while seeing the hard work that has led to change in the 43 communities that make up the effort. "We welcome you to travel to each of the 43 Horizons communities and see how community involvement can lead to positive changes," Landes said. "Any one who fills their passport with all 43 stamps before Jan. 1, 2013, will receive a prize, but we are limiting it to one gift per family, please." 

The communities who have completed the program are spread across South Dakota, and Landes said filling a complete Horizons project passport can be "an exciting endeavor to visit all 43 places." 

The passports will be available through the community development team of the South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service in each of the Horizons communities. The free passports also are available at the South Dakota Art Museum in Brookings. For more information or to receive a passport, call Extension Specialist Kari Fruechte at 605-685-6872, Extension Specialist Karla Trautman at 605-688-4790, or Horizons Community Coach Martha Landes at 605-691-3111.


Kari Fruechte
Extension Specialist
Phone: 605-685-6872

Karla Trautman
Extension Specialist
Phone: 605-688-4790

Martha Landes
Horizons Community Coach
Phone: 605-691-3111