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Community Involvement Important for Primal Quest: Badlands

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Community Involvement Important for Primal Quest: Badlands
PIERRE, S.D. – With just over a month to go, event organizers and course directors for Primal Quest: Badlands are gearing up for a spectacular race, all due to the support of the local communities.
“The great folks of South Dakota continue to show us a wealth of hometown support as our organization brings in new racers, volunteers and staff,” said Don Mann, Director of Primal Quest. “Being able to share the land for passage and checkpoints is important to us. South Dakotans are providing their time and energy as volunteers and we are excited to have them cheering and motivating the athletes as they travel through the course.”
Rick Emerson of Rapid City is the Course Designer for Primal Quest. He has met with more than 100 different individuals from landowners and permitting advisors to representatives from public and private agencies. Results have been positive and all are on board to make the race a success.
Examples of how individuals or communities can get involved include:
·         Host a stand with inexpensive snacks and cold beverages along the course;
·         Provide meals and company to volunteers who may be camped out in your community for days at a time;
·         Host a special gathering or welcoming with teams as they pass through;
·         Offer discount coupons for local businesses to be given to athletes and volunteers before the race;
·         Encourage athletes by posting supportive signage;
·         Cheer athletes on as they pass through;
·         Attract local media;
·         Patronize the event’s sponsors posted on the Primal Quest website; and
·         Follow the real-time action on the Primal Quest website during the race, August 14–23.
Specific details of the course must remain confidential up until the evening of August 13 in order to maintain the navigational integrity of the race. If you are interested in finding out if your community will be a part of the course, please contact Rick Emerson at (605) 381-5372. If you are interested in the key spectator spots on the course, stop by Primal Quest Headquarters at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn in Rapid City beginning August 14 to receive information.
“Communities and individuals have been very easy to work with. To be successful with an event like Primal Quest, we truly need the support of the area businesses and residents. This is all a testament to the open hearts and pioneering spirit of South Dakota,” said Mann.
Primal Quest: Badlands is a 10-day expedition adventure race consisting of more than 35 co-ed teams of four racing through 600 miles of the Black HillsNational Forest, BadlandsNational Park and the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands.
The Rapid City Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) partnered with the South Dakota Office of Tourism through the Million Dollar Challenge program to bring Primal Quest to the state. The Million Dollar Challenge program is part of the 2010 Initiative to double visitor spending in South Dakota. Program requirements, applications and additional information are available at The Office of Tourism serves under the direction of Richard Benda, Secretary of the Department of Tourism and State Development.