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Computerized Visitor Survey Kiosk Operational at the Mammoth Site

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The Mammoth Site is proud to announce that the Visitor Survey Kiosk is now up and operational. This project was made possible through the efforts of The Mammoth Site in cooperation with the SDSM&T. Dr. Manuel Penaloza’s CSC470 Software Engineering class was divided into eight groups of three students. Each team came up with their design for the Mammoth Site Visitor Survey Kiosk software.

The eight teams made presentations on their software program, from the presentations the Mammoth Site selected the team of Forest Balk, Paul Dadah, and Stacie Mann as the winning software design team. Forest, Paul, and Dr. Penaloza were down on January 8, 2009 to install the program.

Mammoth Site maintenance staff – Joe Dappen and Alan Burg built the kiosk that houses the computer and monitor.

The Mammoth Site in the past had two fairly large surveys they used to monitor visitor’s satisfaction with tours, as well as where they were from, how they heard about the Black Hills, how they heard about the Mammoth Site etc. Mammoth Site staff tallied the surveys by hand at the end of the year. The data from these surveys allows the Mammoth Site to track advertising methods, to see what is working or what is changing, as well as visitor satisfaction.

The new software program allows instant access to the data, which is tabulated in an on-site database. Senior staff can monitor instantly if a new advertising method is successful or makes an impact on numbers. The data can be sorted in various ways by simply indicating which data they want analyzed for which specific time period.

The program allows for questions to be changed, deleted, and added, or a new complete survey to be added, within minutes.

Joe Muller, Mammoth Site Business Manager, feels that this is a program that will allow other attractions, visitor centers, and other businesses, which want to track their visitors and find out what type of service they are providing their visitors a great opportunity to do so.

For more information on obtaining the software program contact: Paul Dadah, at 605-431-2250 or For more information about Dr. Penaloza’s CSC470 Software Engineering class contact: Dr. Manuel Penaloza at

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