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South Dakota Office of Tourism Announces Great Events for 2009 Campaign

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PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Office of Tourism has finalized the five events chosen for the 2009 Great Events Campaign.
These events include:
  1. South Dakota Outdoor Expo – Huron, SD = June 13-14, 2009
  2. RedlinArtCenter’s Annual Summer Celebration – Watertown, SDAugust 8-9, 2009
  3. South Dakota Walleye Classic – Akaska, SDAugust 10-15, 2009
  4. South Dakota Festival of Books – Deadwood, SD – October 2-4, 2009
  5. Media One Funski – Sioux Falls, SDJanuary 29-30, 2010
“The Great Events Campaign is a marketing tool we use to promote community events throughout the state in a given year through an application process,” said Richard Benda, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development. “The events chosen for 2009 include a variety of activities and celebrations that take place for both in and out of state residents to enjoy.”
The 2009 Great Events were selected based on visitor appeal, growth potential and length of the event. The selection process includes an application and proposal, submitted by event coordinators for consideration by the South Dakota Office of Tourism. 
“Our office provides assistance to event coordinators and supports promotional efforts for these events to help boost visitor spending and increase the economic impact in host communities,” said Melissa Bump, Director of the South Dakota Office of Tourism. 
The 2009 Great Events campaign is part of Goal 1 of the 2010 initiative to double visitor spending in South Dakota
Media Note: The Media One Funski event in Sioux Falls remains part of the 2009 Great Events Campaign although it takes place just after the new year in 2010. The event includes outdoor winter activities in order to raise funds for the Children’s Inn, a domestic abuse shelter for women and children in Sioux Falls.
More information on each event will be released at a later date.