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Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is pleased to announce the third in a continuing series of summer night programs at Launch Facility (missile silo) Delta-09. The park will be featuring Russian intern Egor Prokofiev presenting a fascinating program on the Cold War. The program will begin at The National Grasslands Visitor Center in Wall at 8:00 PM on Thursday July 31st.  The GrasslandsVisitorCenter will open its doors at 7:30 p.m. to allow visitors to view exhibits and displays inside. 
Visitors will first attend an interpretive presentation by Prokofiev entitled “The Last World War.” They will have the opportunity to learn how both Russian and United States citizens portrayed one another in propaganda during the Cold War. This presentation will also cover the looming specter of nuclear conflict.  Prokofiev says his program relates “the idea of what would have happened if the Cold War turned hot, what if doomsday had occurred.” He will also talk about the nuclear threats that not only existed during the Cold War, but also today and how even a small scale nuclear exchange could cause an environmental catastrophe. 
Minuteman Missile Chief Ranger Pam Griswold feels “this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn how Russians view the Cold War and nuclear weapons. It is definitely a program that makes one think about some of the differences and surprising similarities of how each side portrayed the other in Cold War propaganda. Also, imagine if someone during the Cold War had told you a Russian citizen would be coming to Wall to discuss propaganda and also the threat of nuclear weapons. Would anyone have believed it? This opportunity is a reality because of Minuteman Missile National Historic Site and the National Park Service’s commitment to telling this vital story from multiple perspectives." 
From the National Grasslands visitor center, tour participants will then caravan six miles east to Launch Facility (missile silo) Delta-09. The missile silo is a half mile south of exit 116, Interstate 90. Visitors will view a Minuteman training missile on display. They will also learn how the missile would be launched and the devastating power of nuclear weapons. Please dress according to the weather, nights can be chilly in June and thunderstorms may suddenly arise. Bring a flashlight. Car pooling is recommended due to narrow and limited parking at the site. For more information about tours at the site, please visit their website at or call 605-433-5552.