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Documentary Film on Czech Days Set to Premiere

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What: Premiere screenings of Tabor: A Little Czech Town on the American Prairie

Who: Aesli Grandi wrote, produced and directed the documentary

Where: Opsahl-Kostel funeral Home

147 N. Lidice St.

Tabor, SD 57063

When: June 19-21 at 6:00 p.m. and June 22 at 12:30 p.m.


TABOR, S.D. – The media and public are invited to attend screenings of a new documentary about Czech Days called, Tabor: A Little Czech Town on the American Prairie. The film will be available for viewing during the week of the Czech Days festivities.

In her directorial debut, Aesli Grandi invites you to get to know the people of her small hometown of Tabor, feel the spirit of the community that envelops their daily lives, and see how the celebration of their past is allowing for a brighter future. It’s more than a documentary of a single town; it’s a picture of one colorful piece of the fabric that is America.

Grandi is a Tabor native and was crowned the Czech Days Queen in 1997. She now works for a production company in California and brought a film crew to Czech Days in 2007 to document the event.

Tabor Czech Days is in its 60th year. The community continues to celebrate the history and heritage of the Czech pioneers that eventually settled in south central South Dakota, and their descendants that still live there.




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