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Redlin Art Center Will Showcase Original Art of Norman Rockwell

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WATERTOWN, S.D. - From June 1st through August 9th, guests of the Redlin Art Center will have the rare opportunity to enjoy the original art of Norman Rockwell.

Terry Redlin's deep respect for Norman Rockwell was the impetus behind the exhibit that will soon be on display at the Redlin Art Center. The exhibit includes 4 original oil paintings and 44 framed tear sheets from covers of the Saturday Evening Post illustrated by Norman Rockwell.

In 1958, after graduating from art school, Terry Redlin started his professional career as an artist in the playing card division of Brown & Bigelow in Minnesota. Brown & Bigelow has, for many years, published the art of many well-known artists, including Norman Rockwell. "Original art was stored in this big, unlocked room," Terry remembers. "I brown-bagged it and at noon and while others went out to eat or sat around socializing, I rummaged through this treasure trove and studied the paintings of all these artists I so admired. For me, it was like having free access to a candy store." Included in that collection were 4 original oil paintings by Norman Rockwell.

The magazine covers are on loan from the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The 4 original oil paintings are the very originals that Terry Redlin referred to when talking about his lunch break "study sessions" at Brown & Bigelow! Thanks to Mr. William Smith, Sr., the owner of Brown & Bigelow, the Redlin Art Center has a unique opportunity to tell Terry Redlin's story while showcasing the art of Norman Rockwell, one of America’s most beloved illustrators!

Admission to the Redlin Art Center is free.

This exhibit has been made possible by the following sponsors: Watertown Community Foundation, S.D. Office of Tourism, Brown & Bigelow, Curtis Publishing Company & The Saturday Evening Post.