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Casting Call for PBS Documentary

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HOT SPRINGS, S.D. – PBS and director Chris Eyre seek talent for the first of a series of Native American PBS documentaries entitled "King Philip's War." This production is about King Philip, youngest son of Massasoit, and his war against English encroachments in the 1600's. Filming is to be held in Massachusetts in February. Date: Sunday, January 28, 2007 Time: 10-5 (plan to arrive no later than 3 pm) Location: Providence, Rhode Island Filming: February 2007, Massachusetts Send your resume and photo ASAP to Tara at The exact location will be provided to you. Seeking local AFTRA and non-union Native American talent to portray the following roles. Principal Roles *NOTE – For all roles ALL hair lengths are being considered KING Philip/Metacom Age 20 – 29, then portraying Age 33 Youngest son of Massasoit, inherited his father's position much younger than expected when his older brother died. Driven into war by relentless English encroachments and disrespect. Uncertain in his early years, matures into an intelligent strategist…. Massasoit/Ussamequin (His name was Ussamequin, title Massasoit. Most people call him by his title, Massasoit.) Age 40 (fall 1621) Age 76 (1657) Grand sachem of the Wampanoag, called 'king' by the Pilgrims, described by Edward Winslow as: “a very lusty man, in his best years, an able body, grave countenance, spare of speech. In his attire little or nothing differing from the rest of his followers, only in a great chain of white bone beads about his neck, and at it behind… neck hangs a little bag of tobacco which he drank and gave us to drink (i.e. smoke); his face was painted with a sad deep red like murry (mulberry) and oiled both head and face, that he looked greasily. All his followers likewise were in their faces in part or in whole painted, some black, some red, some yellow, some white, some with crosses and other antic works, some had skins on them, and some naked, all strong tall, all men in appearance…. The king had in his bosom hanging on a string a great long knife; he marveled much at our trumpet, and some of his men would sound it as well as they could." Weetamoo Age mid-late 30s Powerful female sachem called by Increase Mather "second only to Philip in doing harm" during the war. Powerful, tall, elegant, fiery. Tried to keep her people out of the war but when forced into it by the colonists, she led her people valiantly. Married to Philip's brother Alexander/Wamsutta, then married to Narragansett sachem Quinnapin. Secondary Roles Alexander/Wamsutta Aged mid to late 40s in 1662 Oldest son of Massasoit. Angry, contentious, tried to stem the tide of English onslaught in court and by pitting Rhode Island and Plymouth against each other. Died in the custody of Josiah Winslow after Winslow arrested him. Philip and Alexander's wife Weetamoo believed that Winslow poisoned him. Apess, William Age late 30s Pequot/Wampanoag/Black/White Methodist minister who delivered a fiery eulogy of King Philip 160 years after Philip's death. Printer, James Age 30 – 40 Nipmuc Indian raised by English, became a printer in Cambridge, Christian. Treatment of Christian Indians during the war drove him into the enemy camp. Joined Philip and the hostile Nipmucs during the war, then got amnesty at the end of the war by bringing in two Indian heads. Sassamon, John Age 40, then age 50 Wampanoag Christian minister, raised by an English family who converted on their deathbeds during an epidemic, once shot a Pequot for asking him whether he was an Indian or an Englishman. Served as scribe to Philip and Alexander, then turned spy and reported twice to Josiah Winslow that Philip was preparing for war. Found dead in a pond under ice shortly after his second report. Wampanoag Children Philip's son Age 8-10 Captured and sold into slavery at the end of the war. Appears with Philip and we see his capture. Featured Extras Wampanoag/Narragansett/nipmuc men Wampanoag runner (male) Tisquantum Age 40-50 Survivor of Patuxet's epidemic b/c of time spent in slavery in Europe; Massasoit's emissary to the Pilgrims. Quinnapin Age 40-50 Narragansett leader, son of great sachem Canonchet; marries Wetamoo Wampanoag women Massasoit's wife Philip's wife, Wootenekanuske Extras Native American Females needed for extra roles, various ages (adults) Native American Males needed for extra roles, various ages (adults) Athletic builds and other body types needed. Native American children needed (7-12) for various scenes Group of 6 male children (8-12 years old) Play in canoes in river, then play ball; etc. Children will be seen first, therefore if you are an adult who is accompanying your child and you are also interested in auditioning, please make arrangements for child care. Thank you very much.