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2006 Falls Park Visitor Center Numbers Top 2005

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The Falls Park Visitor Information Center welcomed 157,263 visitors in 2006 compared to 156,288 in 2005. In addition, since the year 2000 the Falls Park Visitor Center has had 1,039,813 guests from all 50 states and several counties around the world! However, it is worth mentioning that these numbers reflect approximately 1/3 of the total guests that have visited the park. The Sioux Falls Visitor Information Center is located in the heart of Falls Park and is managed by the Sioux Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau. All year state and country visitor statistics are collected at the center and the results for 2006 are below: 2006 Falls Park Visitor Information Statistics TOP STATES 1. South Dakota 2. Minnesota 3. Iowa 4. Wisconsin 5. Nebraska TOP COUNTRIES 1. Canada 2. Germany 3. England 4. Norway 5. Australia Falls Park offers a captivating view of a triple waterfall, 5-story viewing tower, Visitor Information Center & gift shop featuring Sioux Falls memorabilia, Falls Overlook Café, artworks to see in the Horse Barn Arts Center and not to mention a beautiful park covered in pink quartzite.