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Buffalo Round Up Story Starters:

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World Wide Attention: This unique event attracts reporters from all over the globe. Reporters representing global audiences such as Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden take this piece of Old West America back to their readers and viewers. Custer State Park comes alive with events: Custer State Park and the Black Hills are filled with events leading up to the roundup. Visitors can listen to old-time fiddlers, experience Old West crafts and be entertained by cloggers and cowboy poets. Link for events and schedule: The Buffalo Roundup Arts Festival runs Sept. 30 through Oct. 2. Enjoy three days of South Dakota's finest artists and craftsmen. Start you morning with a pancake feed, enjoy on-going Western and Native American entertainment or purchase fine artwork or South Dakota Made Products. It's a South Dakota experience you won't want to miss. The 17th Annual Buffalo Wallow Chili Cook Off draws over 50 chili artists and hundreds of tasters to Custer State Park. The event this year is on Oct. 1 and begins at 11 a.m. with public tasting beginning at 2 p.m. Authentic Cowboys: Every year, real cowboys from around the country volunteer their time to drive the herd across the 71,000-acre park. Their reasons for volunteering are as diverse as their everyday lives, but they all have a story to tell. The Legacy of the Buffalo: The buffalo is still sacred to many and the traditions, such as tanning the hides, are still alive and well. North American bison, while once on the endangered list, now make up an industry beyond being a tourist attraction. The roundup gives reporters a chance to see both the past and the future of what the buffalo means to America. Herd Management: The reasons behind the roundup are many, but the simple fact is that the herd, like any other livestock, needs to be managed effectively. Veterinarians and park personnel vaccinate, brand and sort the animals to maintain the size of the herd and ensure the health of these monarchs of the plains that are a must see for anyone visiting South Dakota.