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Southeast South Dakota Birding Trail Guide Available

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PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota’s second birding trail guide is ready to help birdwatching enthusiasts find birds in the state. The Southeast South Dakota Birding Trail Guide provides a detailed look into birding southeastern South Dakota. The trail includes 33 sites in the region including woodlands, which are a magnet for dozens of species of warblers, and prairie pothole lakes and wetlands teeming with marsh birds, shorebirds and wetland species. Sites along the Missouri River also hold a large variety of birds. Raptors can be seen soaring over the entire region. Birding, the most accessible form of wildlife watching, continues to be one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the United States, according to the National Survey on Recreation and the Environment. The survey reports that birdwatching is an interest shared by 83 million Americans. “Birders are a niche market the Office of Tourism targets,” said Billie Jo Waara, director of the South Dakota Office of Tourism. “The development of birding trails in South Dakota has helped build interest and spread visitor dollars.” The full-color trail guide features detailed directions to the sites with maps, species to look for and other useful tips. It also includes contact information for each site. The creation of the Southeast Birding Trail and production of the guide was a cooperative effort among the South Dakota Office of Tourism, the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Southeast South Dakota Tourism Association, South Dakota Parks and Wildlife Foundation, South Dakota Ornithologists Union, South Dakota Wildlife Society and the Missouri Breaks Audubon Society.