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Gandy Dancer IPA Craft Beer Features Local Hops & Yeast

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SIOUX FALLS - Gandy Dancer Brew Works is excited to announce the release of
“Last Call Double IPA” on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at Monk’s House of Ale Repute. “Last
Call Double IPA is the first South Dakota beer produced using South Dakota hops
and yeast.
“Our Last Call Double IPA is truly a local craft beer, brewed with local hops from
Anderson Hop Farms near Brandon and yeast from Union Labs right here in Sioux
Falls,” said Jerry Hauck, owner of Gandy Dancer Brew Works and Monk’s House
of Ale Repute. The Last Call Double IPA was brewed by home brewer Lee
Anderson, from Anderson Hop Farms, along with Gandy Dancer brew master
Perry Volden.
Hauck said that quality ingredients are key to great craft beers. Local hops are
usually harvested in September, and the fresh hops, rather than dried hops,
make a better beer, said Volden.
The yeast is from Union Labs and Testing, a local start-up business in the South
Dakota Technology Business Center. Barry Bordewyk and his son Wyatt started
the business last year to supply brewers and winemakers with local yeast. Most
yeast is produced on the West Coast, which means it must be shipped to the
Midwest. Having a local supply reduces shipping costs and improves the yeast’s
The local connections continue when Gandy Dancer’s “spent grains” – the
grains left after the brewing and fermentation – are sent to Good Earth Farms
near Lennox. The spent grains still contain valuable nutrients for livestock feed.
Hauck said one of the goals of Gandy Dancer is to use local ingredients
whenever possible. The nano-brewery has been brewing a steady supply of
stouts, IPAs, ales, lagers and wheat beers since early August – all from local guest
home brewers with the help of brew master Perry Volden.
The local hops and yeasts make the Gandy Dancer Last Call Double IPA a
unique and truly local craft beer. Last Call Double IPA will be served in the
Gandy Dancer Brew Works’ taproom next to Monk’s House of Ale Repute.

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