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Enigma Restaurant Launches New Organic Dinner Menu

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Located in the heart of downtown Rapid City, the Enigma Restaurant has long been a preferred dining option for locals and visitors alike. With its dim-lit elegance and diverse, inspired cuisine, patrons are immediately at ease in the eatery’s inviting atmosphere. Special occasions, business dinners, family breakfasts or a relaxed mid-day lunch arrive at Enigma for a reason, no doubt.
So how could such a Rapid City treasure get even better, you ask? The answer lies in a little word with big benefits: organic. Beginning on February 3rd, the restaurant’s menu will serve up the course that’s becoming a larger focus in the nation’s dining interests. By implementing a new fully organic dinner menu, Enigma is taking an innovative, imperative step in achieving sustainability and socially responsible practices.
For those of us less versed in organic rhetoric, what exactly does the word mean? “Organic” is primarily a labeling term that is used on a wide variety of foods that have been produced through methods approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It’s also one of the best measures you can take to ensure the quality of your meal. Organic foods are healthier, environmentally friendly, and support our local vendors. Organic produce, for example, contains 50% more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than non-organic produce. 
We know that organic is much more than a term used by trendsetters over coffee. But what about the quality and taste of the cuisine? All it takes is a few bites, and your palate’s got the point. Enigma’s fusion of organic inspired, artfully presented plates offer the same great taste you’ve come to love, with a fresh new edge. Feature items include Buffalo Carpaccio, a dish featuring grass fed local buffalo, prickly pear oil, fig balsamic, and micro greens. Or try the Spiced Chicken Tagine, an inventive dish of organic chicken, veggies, cilantro, and couscous. The Enigma Burger delights with grass-fed local ground buffalo, cheese, tomatoes, caramelized onions, a gluten free bun and fries. And don’t forget the array of featured salads, pastas, and organic wine selections, such as a blend of Shiraz and Merlot known as Greener Planet.
This new change in the Enigma menu represents a significant, pioneering approach to the evolution of the hospitality industry. Enigma’s home in one of Rapid City’s landmark hotels is in the transitional phase of repurposing into the all new Adoba Eco Brand. The hotel will remain under the same ownership that has built it into the destination it is today.  Fulfilling a longtime aspiration, visionary owner Karim Merali has been the driving force behind the innovative changes that are coming to fruition within his hotel. With a consummate dedication to sustainability, Merali has partnered with Adoba Eco Brand to complete the legwork to ensure that Enigma’s menu is indeed fully organic. For instance, Greener Planet wine will be served from bottles made of sustainable glass, paper and ink. Products are researched through all phases, local vendors are relied upon, and waste is handled in an eco-friendly process. All of these reductions lend a hand in an organic, first class dining experience.

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