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“Your American Journey” 2012

Your American Journey Begins in South Dakota

It’s a journey. One we all should take. One we will never forget. It’s your American Journey and it begins here in South Dakota. Where you’ll find open prairies. Unimaginable beauty. And where mountains can move you.  

We invite you to find your place among the dreamers… the doers…and the Great Faces and Great Places of South Dakota.   

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  • Mount Rushmore - "Where Mountains Can Move You...And Inspire Generations"
Over 70 years ago, a group of South Dakota miners, led by an immigrant sculptor, began blasting and chiseling a granite mountain in the Black Hills. They were creating the Shrine of Democracy—proving that anything is possible if you believe in a dream.  Discover a place where a mountain moves you.  Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  
 Mount Rushmore  Mount Rushmore

  • Custer State Park - "His Name is Tatanka...This is His Home."
Lakota for buffalo, Tatanka is a powerful symbol of the old west and a reminder of what it means to be truly free. You’ll find this majestic beast roaming the Black Hills and rolling prairies of Custer State Park in South Dakota. Find true freedom on the wild frontier. 
  Custer State Park    Custer State Park

  • Badlands National Park - "Unimagined Beauty...Meets Ancient Mystery."
Change that happens over millions of year is imperceptible. And breathtaking. The jagged spires, eroded buttes and colorful sediment of Badlands National Park tell the story of a land that existed long before the birth of our nation.  Explore their ancient mysteries when you journey to a place so unimaginable, it’s bound to change you. 

  Badlands National Park    Badlands National Park

  • Missouri River - "Lose Yourself...and Find Yourself."
Serenity and wide-open landscapes are waiting for you in the land of Great Faces and Great Places. Escape the chaos of everyday life to the calm of South Dakota’s rivers, lakes and streams. Unwind in the solitude as you soak in our beauty. Come find peace of mind.

  Missouri River    Missouri River

  • Falls Park - "Where Waters Laugh...Journey Begins." 
Native Americans called the falls of the Big Sioux River “laughing waters” because of the way the cascades tumbled down the quartzite ledges. These falls were a gathering place for early settlers, fur traders and Native American tribes. Today the “laughing waters” in South Dakota’s largest city are still a place where people travel to when they want to reconnect or just unwind. 

  Sioux Falls Falls Park  Sioux Falls Falls Park 

  • South Dakota's Heritage - "The Pioneer Spirit...Born on the Open Prairie." 
The pioneer spirit was born in the midst of the prairie grasses and gently rolling hills of South Dakota. It’s here where men and women conquered the unknown and settled new lands. Where they built country churches, one-room schoolhouses and the American dream. Wander back to your roots. 

  South Dakota Prairies    South Dakota Prairies

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder's Childhood Home - "The Little House...That Inspired Big Dreams."
In the spring of 1862, the Homestead Act promised 160 free acres of land to anyone you dared to live on the untamed prairies. Charles Ingalls took the dare and moved his family west. Eventually, they landed near De Smet, South Dakota, where his daughter Laura Ingalls penned a lasting legacy. Discover the Little House that inspired big dreams. 

  Laura Ingalls Wilder    Laura Ingalls Wilder