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Blue Bell Lodge and Resort

Custer, SD

At Blue Bell, you can take your pick of Western theme activities. Saddle up for a trail ride through some of the park's prettiest areas. If you're feeling a bit more daring, try an all day ride, led by seasoned cowboys.

Our chuck wagon cookouts, another cowboy tradition, draws quite a crowd. Start with a haywagon ride through the scenic back country of the park to a secluded canyon followed by an old-fashioned chuck wagon dinner, complete with Western entertainment.

The Blue Bell Lodge dining room serves up home cooking, with specialties that include buffalo and steak. If you have a family reunion, the White Buffalo Room could be your ticket to a great event. The Blue Bell General Store is close by for picking up supplies.

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Western Region

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25453 SD Hwy 87
Custer, SD 57730



Phone: 605-255-4531

Fax: 605-255-4752


Casual Dining, Lodge/Cabin, Sports & Recreation

Property Amenities

Group Friendly Restaurant

VALID DATES: 4/25/2014 - 5/22/2014

Wildlife & Western Adventure

Starting at $209.00

Explore Blue Bell Lodge, our most Western-themed resort, and stay the night in our most pristine 4-person cabins in the Park (each has a stone