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Cosmos Mystery Area

Rapid City, SD

Cosmos Mystery Area is a natural phenomenon that is intriguing and mind boggling. We offer an approximately 30 minute long tour that will have you laughing and shaking your head in amazement. All ages are captivated by this tour which makes us a very family friendly tour. We are one of the select Family Approved Attractions of the Black Hills which offer a quality experience you will enjoy.

Hours of Operation:

April - 9am - 5pm (weather permitting)
May 9am - 5pm (weather permitting)
Memorial Day Weekend - 8am - 8pm (Sat. and Sun.)
June - 8am - 8pm
July - 8am - 8pm
August - 9am - 7pm
Labor Day Weekend - 9am - 7pm (Sat. and Sun.)
September - 9am - 5pm (weather permitting)
October - 9am - 5pm (weather permitting)

Booking Instructions: Please select the appropriate number of individuals for each activity option. Admission is for one time anytime during your stay.

This business is located here:

Western Region

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24040 Cosmos Road
Rapid City, SD 57702






Phone: 605-343-9802

Fax: 605-388-6960

Reservations: 605-343-9802


Family, Miscellaneous

April 1 - May 30     9AM - 4:30PM (Weather Permitting)

June 1 - August 31     8AM - Dusk

September 1 - October 31     9AM - 4:30PM (Weather Permitting)

 Children 11 and younger are FREE when accompanied by their own parent.

Adults 12 and above $9.50 per person.