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Buffalo Interpretive Center

Fort Pierre, SD

The center is seven miles east of Fort Pierre on historic Highway 1806, which follows the Missouri River. The site recalls the ancient prairies on which huge buffalo herds lived. The building is located on the western edge of a large pasture and is oriented so that the tribe's buffalo graze nearby. Within the building, exhibits teach about the importance of the buffalo to Native Americans, while large windows maintain a visual connection to the herd and the landscape. The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe has three bison pastures and maintains a herd of 300 animals. Members of the tribe operate the Interpretive Center and items in the gift shop are made by Native American artisans.

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Central Region

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29349 Highway 1806
Fort Pierre, SD 57532





Phone: 605-223-2260

Fax: 605-223-2990

Toll Free: 888-323-2260


History & Culture

Open May-December, call for hours