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Black Hills National Forest

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Black Hills

Sky-piercing granite peaks and forested mountains dominate the skyline of western South Dakota.

Paha Sapa

America's oldest mountains rose above the surrounding flatlands 60 million years ago, about the time the dinosaurs disappeared, and even after eons of erosion their granite peaks still soar as high as 7,242 feet to the dizzying heights of Harney Peak. The Lakota Sioux named the area Paha Sapa or Black Hills because a thick forest of pine and spruce trees cover the slopes making them appear black from a distance.

Outdoor Adventure

Black Hills National Forest stretches for 1.2 million acres, offering outdoor adventure like hiking, biking and camping amidst stunning scenery. Find grassy mountain meadows, towering granite peaks, deep canyons, cascading trout streams and clear, clean lakes.

Click here for more information about the Black Hills National Forest (US Forest Service) and its 1.2 million acres of land.