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Yankton Sioux Tribe

Yankton mapKnown as the "Ihanktonwan Dakota Oyate" or "People of the End Village," the Yankton Sioux Tribe has its lands along the Missouri River bottom. Tribal headquarters are located at Marty, also home to the Marty Indian School.

Bison and Tours

The Yankton Sioux Tribe maintains a bison herd that roams freely near the Treaty of 1858 Monument north of Greenwood. The monument pinpoints the spot where a treaty designating land for the Dakota Sioux was signed.

Guided tours to see the bison herd can be arranged. Call (605) 384-3641 and ask for the buffalo keepers.

Struck By The Ree

Struck By The ReeJust north of the Treaty Monument is Struck By The Ree's grave. The legend surrounding Struck By The Ree begins in the days of Lewis and Clark.

As the story goes, Meriwether Lewis took a Yankton baby and wrapped him in an American flag, saying he would grow up to be a friend of the white man. This boy grew up to become Struck By The Ree, a highly respected Yankton chief. A stone image commemorating this great leader marks his gravesite.


Lake Francis Case, a Missouri River reservoir, draws visitors who enjoy swimming, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. At Pickstown, you can tour Fort Randall Dam, the large earthen dam that creates Lake Francis Case.


YanktonAt Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge, north of Pickstown, you can observe wildlife and waterfowl in their natural habitat.

Grebes, pelicans, herons and gulls are commonly spotted species. White-tailed deer and ring-necked pheasants inhabit the grasslands surrounding the lake.


Members of the blues band, Indigenous, are enrolled members of the Yankton Sioux Tribe. The group, which consists of two brothers (Mato and Pte), a sister (Wanbdi) and a cousin (Horse), has shared stages with B. B. King, Melissa Etheridge and Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

Visitors can try their luck at the Fort Randall Casino, Hotel and Restaurant near Wagner. The casino offers slot machines, blackjack, poker and a full-service restaurant and lounge.

For more information

Yankton Sioux Tribe
PO Box 248
Marty, SD 57361-0248

Phone: (605) 384-5687
Fax: (605) 384-5687

Yankton Sioux Tribe

  • Bands: Ihanktonwan
  • Traditional Language: Dakota
  • Location: Tribal lands in south-eastern South Dakota. Tribal offices at Marty.
  • Land Area: Approximately 40,000 acres (without boundaries)
  • Major Employers: Fort Randall Casino, Indian Health Services, tribal office, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Marty Indian School