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Standing Rock mapStanding Rock Sioux Tribe

Situated on Lake Oahe, a sprawling Missouri River reservoir, the Standing Rock Reservation straddles the South Dakota-North Dakota border.

Sitting Bull

The area is the birthplace of one of the Lakota's greatest warriors and most respected medicine men, Sitting Bull. Today, visitors can pay homage at his gravesite overlooking the Missouri River west of Mobridge. A large granite bust, sculpted by Korzcak Ziolkowski, depicting Sitting Bull marks the site.


Sitting BullNear the bust of Sitting Bull stands a marker erected as a tribute to Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who traveled with explorers Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean.

Just six years after that historic journey, Sacagawea died at Fort Manuel near Kenel. The Fort Manuel Replica stands on the river bluffs near Kenel, where visitors can admire the natural beauty of Sacagawea's final resting place.

Stone Woman

Fort Yates, N.D., tribal headquarters, is the site of the mystical "Stone Woman". As the legend goes, an Arikara woman married a Dakota man, who later took another wife. The first wife became jealous and refused to leave her tent when the rest of the band broke camp. Two men returned to retrieve the woman only to find she had turned to stone. From then on, they carried the "stone woman" with them everywhere. Today, she stands on a pedestal at the old Standing Rock Agency near Fort Yates.


In addition to history, the Standing Rock Reservation offers fishing, boating and other water recreation on Lake Oahe. The Indian Creek Recreation Area near Mobridge provides ample space for boating, fishing and camping.

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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
PO Box D
Fort Yates, ND 58538-0522

Phone: (701) 854-7207
Fax: (701) 854-7299

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

  • Division: Yankton, Teton
  • Bands: Yanktonai, Hunkpapa
  • Traditional Language: Dakota or Lakota
  • Location: Standing Rock Reservation in north-central North Dakota Land Area: 562,366 acres in South Dakota
  • Major Employer: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which administers 40-50 programs