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Oglala Sioux Tribe

Oglala MapHome of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, the Pine Ridge Reservation is the second-largest reservation in the United States.


Approximately 120,000 acres of reservation are in the Badlands, which adjoins Badlands National Park. Visitors to the reservation will find ancient legends, colorful history and heritage as old and wondrous as the Badlands that surround it.

Chief Red Cloud

Several great Lakota leaders, including Red Cloud, hail from this area. As a respected chief, Red Cloud successfully led the fight to close the Bozeman Trail, which passed though prime buffalo hunting grounds.

Later, he worked to establish a school for Native American children. Today, his spirit is kept alive at the Red Cloud Indian School near Pine Ridge. His burial site overlooks the school that bears his name.

Red Cloud Heritage Center

Red Cloud Heritage CenterThe Red Cloud Heritage Center, located on campus, houses an extensive collection of prize-winning paintings, graphics, and sculptures created by contemporary Native American artists from across North America.

Also on display are artifacts including beadwork and porcupine quillwork, designed by modern and traditional artists. The gift shop offers a large selection of unique Lakota fine art. Each summer, the center hosts the Red Cloud Native American Art Show, which showcases the works of modern Native American artists.

Chief Big Foot

Chief Big Foot was another prominent Lakota leader. In 1890, he led his Minneconjou band on a journey to flee from the U.S. Army. Their escape route can be retraced though the Site of Big Foot Pass south of Porcupine.

Wounded KneeTheir journey ended on December 29, 1890, a site called Wounded Knee where hundreds of Lakota people, including Chief Big Foot, were killed by the Seventh Cavalry. Today, a single stone monument marks the Wounded Knee Massacre Site.

Oglala Lakota College

Oglala Lakota College, also near Kyle, provides a site for higher education on the reservation. The four-year accredited college stocks a variety of Native American literature within the bookstore.


At the Prairie Wind Casino, near Oglala, visitors can try their luck at the gaming tables and slot machines. The casino offers live entertainment, a restaurant, bingo and a gift shop featuring work by local artists.

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