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Lower Brule Sioux Tribe

Lower Brule MapImmerse yourself in the Great Plains of South Dakota, where vast, sweeping prairies play host to pronghorn, mule deer and prairie dogs. This is the land of the "Kul Wicasa Oyate."


Nestled alongside the Missouri River, the Lower Brule Reservation boasts a variety of wildlife and recreation facilities. The tribe maintains a wildlife reserve where its herds of buffalo and elk roam.

Fishing and Hunting

Lake Sharpe, a Missouri River reservoir, offers some of the finest fishing in the state. The reservation also boasts world-class hunting. The Golden Buffalo Casino and Resort in Lower Brule offers all the accommodations needed for a successful hunting or fishing trip.


The tribe also runs a successful farming operation. In fact, Lower Brule is one of the nation's leading popcorn producers. In addition to popcorn, the farm produces kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, field corn and other crops.

Native American Scenic Byway

Scenic BywayThe Native American Scenic Byway, crosses the Lower Brule Reservation. Following the Missouri River, the route provides stunning vistas from the crest of lofty river bluffs and descends to the fertile river bottom.

Buffalo Interpretive Center

A recommended stop is the Buffalo Interpretive Center seven miles east of Fort Pierre on the byway. The Center offers guests a glimpse into the life and traditions of the Lakota, past and present, and features a gift shop with items from local artisans.

Akta Lakota Museum

Another must-see is the Akta Lakota Museum in Chamberlain. Displays of ceremonial dress, weaponry and tools allow guests to experience the Lakota past. Displays are arranged in a circular timeline, representative of the Medicine Wheel.

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours of the reservation are available. Small groups can arrange visits that incorporate tipi stays, traditional song, dance and storytelling.

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Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
PO Box 187
Lower Brule, SD 57584-0187

Phone: (605) 473-5561
Fax: (605) 473-5606.

Lower Brule Sioux Tribe

  • Division: Teton
  • Band: Sicangu (Brule or Burnt Thigh)
  • Traditional Language: Lakota
  • Location: Lower Brule Reservation in Lyman and Stanley counties of central South Dakota.
  • Land Area: 132,601 acres. The reservation includes nearly 80 miles of Lake Sarpe shoreline.
  • Major Employers: Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, Lower Brule Golden Buffalo Casino, Bureau of Tribal Affairs, Native American Health Service. The Lower Brule Farm Corp. is the nation's number-one popcorn producer.