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Multimedia Tour

BadlandsAvailable from the Information Centers, travel CDs are a unique way to learn about South Dakota while you travel. Also below are photos and sounds of animals you can see and hear in The Mount Rushmore State.


Travel CDs and MP3s

The online versions available here are a unique way to learn about South Dakota while you surf!


Great Faces. Great Places.

Also available for your listening pleasure is our "Great Faces. Great Places." jingle:


Tune into Wildlife Sounds

realPlayerSouth Dakota's wildlife become very active in the fall. As you travel across the state, you'll encounter everything from migrating Canada geese to stampeding bison. Click on the links below to listen to these autumn animal sounds.


Sound #1  Sound #2 Sound #3 
Elk   Pheasant  Stampede


The elk's bugle starts as a low, guttural sound and rises to a high, shrill note. Listen for elks bugling in Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park and Black Hills National Forest.


South Dakota's state bird has a distinctive two-syllable crow. Pheasants often find habitat in cornfields, sloughs and groves. 

Stampeding Bison

You can hear this sound at the annual Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park in October. 

Sound #4  Sound #5 Sound #6 
 Geese  Coyote  Turkey

Canada Geese

The honks of migrating Canada geese fill the air over South Dakota's central flyway. 


The wily coyote's mournful howls can be heard statewide on star-filled nights. 


They gobble, cackle and sometimes yelp. Turkeys can be found along the Missouri River and in the Black Hills. 

Sound #7 Sound #8  
 Prairie Dog  Buffalo  

Prairie dog

These furry critters communicate with one another via high-pitched barks. Listen for their chatter at prairie-dog towns in Badlands National Park and Custer State Park.


Bison make a guttural growl or snort to display their dominance.


 Note: These audio files are not for commercial or any other use unless authorized by the South Dakota Department of Tourism.