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Viewable & Downloadable Information

Below are online versions of South Dakota travel literature available for immediate viewing and printing.

To order one of the publications or packets available by mail, please go to the Request Information page.


Guides and Brochures


digital Vacation Guide

digital South Dakota Vacation Guide
Find trip ideas, places of interest and more in this comprehensive guide to help you plan your next South Dakota vacation. Enjoy this digital version from your desktop or device and flip through the 280 pages of attractions, accommodations and information about The Mount Rushmore State.


Guide to Archaeology and Paleontology 2014 Guide to Archaeology & Paleontology

If you have the itch to dig, join a real-life excavation to explore a prehistoric world that tells the story of the first inhabitants who walked on this land. (PDF)

South Dakota's Tribal Lands South Dakota's Tribal Lands brochure

South Dakota's nine tribes invite you to visit their reservations and tribal lands. Rich in history and culture, these areas offer something for visitors of all ages. (PDF)

Grasses, Wildflowers & Crops South Dakota Grasses, Wildflowers & Crops brochure

(5.6 MB) South Dakota offers great horticultural diversity. This brochure provides detailed descriptions and pictures of the plant life you can find in our state. (PDF)


Native South Dakota guide Native South Dakota guide

(4.76 MB) Organized by tribe, this guide contains helpful visitor services information, an overview of tribal history and colorful imagery. (PDF)

Lewis and Clark Guide Lewis & Clark Trail guide

This list of highlights begins at the southeastern tip of the state, where the explorers first entered South Dakota, and ends near the North Dakota border. (PDF)